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About Discovery Ag

Running a profitable farming business is challenging; adopting new technologies often adds to the complexity.  Whilst Australian farmers are adaptive and innovative, the issues of cost, connectivity and complexity remain a significant hurdle to unlocking the value that technology can bring to farming.

Discovery Ag has a single-minded focus on optimising on-farm efficiencies.  Through a practical approach that begins with a low cost communications network and a range of robust and affordable in-field sensors - we deliver evidence based solutions to the fundamental challenge of simplifying the complexities of resource management. 

Beginning in irrigated cotton, our immediate focus is to build on our existing momentum to improve water-use efficiency.  Over the next 24 months, our goal is to work with growers and the broader industry to increase the Gross Productivity Water Use Index by 10%.  This improvement will see productive use, rather than loss, of 450,000 mega-litres of water, resulting in an additional 320,000 bales of cotton.

With over 1,100 soil moisture probes and 250 automatic weather stations already deployed, along with our GoSat analytics platform providing insights across thousands of cotton hectares - we are well on the way.

Based in rural NSW, Discovery Ag and our subsidiary, Goanna Telemetry, have long and deep agricultural connections.  We know that success in farming comes from making the most of what you've got...... we look forward to helping you do precisely that.

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➤ Head office

287 Boorowa St.
Young, NSW 2594

☎ (02) 6382 6622


60 Hungerford St.
Goondiwindi, QLD 4390

☎  (07) 4671 3790




Our Team



CEO & Executive Director

  • Former CEO Grain Growers Limited

  • Previous AgTech startup, commercialisation and sale expertise with Agrecon

  • Extensive expertise in software dev, MPCI, advocacy, trade and market access, business dev and stakeholder engagement


David Spence


  • Chairman Paypal Australia, Founder and Chairman National Narrowband Network, Director Netcomm Wireless

  • Previous CEO Unwired Ltd

  • Past Chairman Vocus Group Ltd Aust/NZ

  • Previous Director SAI Global Limited, Hills Limited, OzEmail Limited


John Pattinson

CDO & Executive Director

  • Founding Director of Delta Agribusiness

  • Previous Oerationss Manager Delta Agribusiness

  • 30+ years agribusiness experience

  • History of active investment in telecommunications

  • Extensive commercial business acumen


chris duff

Non-Executive Director

  • Executive Director, Group Manager and Founder Delta Agribusiness

  • Partner in Chandlers Landmark - a JV initiative with Wesfarmers

  • Previous research scientist with CSIRO and NSW Department of Primary Industries


Thomas Dowling

General Manager

  • Founder of Goanna Telemetry

  • Founding Director of Nutrilab

  • Previously a practicing agronomist for 27 years

  • Extensive expertise in plant and soil nutrition, crop health and irrigation scheduling



Gerard Hines

Non-Executive Director

  • Managing Director and Found Delta Agribusiness

  • Previous Managing Director Chandlers Landmark - a JV initiative with Wesfarmers

  • 30+ years agribusiness experience

  • Active investor in telecommunications industry