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Weather & Water Network

Welcome to the Discovery Ag's Weather and Water Network - DAWWN a new era of farm specific information. We have created Australia’s most comprehensive weather station and soil moisture probe network to provide you with smarter, more relevant data to improve the performance of your farming business.

DAWWN consists of a network of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and soil moisture probes, strategically positioned across the length of the NSW cropping belt; in conjunction with state of the art Soil Moisture Probes.
Until now, the NSW broadacre cropping belt of approx.14million hectares has been serviced by 18 automated BOM sites…our network has added a further 68 stations to this footprint. That means that every hectare NSW’s cropping belt is now within 25km of an AWS.

These stations provide robust, state of  the art technology capable of accurately capturing and transmitting key weather data every 10 minutes. This will provide unprecedented accuracy and relevance within that footprint. Features of the DAWWN network include:
• Clever network design (strategic site selection)
• Fully automated and remote management
• Captures wind speed & direction, air & soil
  temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, solar
  radiation & Delta T
• Easy to use display and reporting
You can access data from up to 3 of the DAWWN sites free of charge.  Simply click on the “Access DAWWN” button to provide details required to register.