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Discovery Ag acquires full shareholding in Goanna Telemetry

Discovery Ag today announced it had acquired the remaining shares in Goanna Telemetry Systems.  

In a merger that underpins its expanding investments in Precision Ag technologies, and the effective utilisation of collated farm data, Discovery Ag has acquired the full shareholding in Goanna Telemetry Systems in Goondiwindi.

Discovery Ag and Goanna Telemetry had previously worked together on the roll out and management of the Discovery Ag Weather and Water Network (DAWWN) - a comprehensive automated weather network across NSW providing new decision support tools for farmers.

Alicia Garden, Chief Executive Officer of DIscovery Ag, said the partnership will extend the product offering far beyond the supply of quality telemetry products.

“Discovery Ag and Goanna’s partnership will bring to life cutting edge technologies that translate raw data on weather, soil moisture and other on-farm measures into valuable decision and analysis tools, assisting farmers improve their input use efficiencies.

“We have already rolled out automatic weather stations and soil moisture probes across a large portion of the New South Wales dryland cropping footprint and now intend to heavily focus pre-farm gate in the irrigated cropping sector,” she said.

“Goanna’s telemetry products – created and developed in Australia – will underpin much of our renewed focus in the irrigated cotton industry”

Tom Dowling of Goanna Telemetry, said the new partnership has provided the capital base, back end support and network traction to take Goanna to the next level.  It will allow Goanna to fully focus on further developing its telemetry, sensor technology and analytics capabilities, while increasing its business capacity.

“We can now accelerate several innovations we have in the pipeline, including enhanced crop modelling tools, the incorporation of satellite imagery into weather and soil moisture analysis and improvements in the way farmers can view and interact with this data, all improving farm management decision making,” he said.

 “This strategic partnership is highly complimentary in our goals of delivering the game-changing innovations for Australian agriculture that we are planning.”

Alicia Garden